I have no voice for the first time ever in my life. Me, the hard core greens drinking, vitamin taking, yoga doing person is not at her best.  

I asked myself WHY????


Well, I am in the middle of some growing pains- some major transitions on all fronts of my life. My business consultant & mentor reminded me that our bodies, not just our emotions, respond to change.  Change can be painful not just emotionally, but also physically!

Outside of my need for more rest (because when we sleep is when we heal), I am on a regimen of lots of water, warm things like hot tea, sunshine and cuddles with puppy dogs, connecting time with wonderful friends and family, and the wonder woman pose (click the picture if you need further explanation).

In case you were curious about what I've been up to and why I've been so absent, here's a quick recap:
Arkansas Cornbread Festival
"I can't believe it's not cornbread"  muffins for 3,000 people

Photo Shoots for my Book!

-photographer Brook Scalzo and stylist Caitlin Hart
Letting Go of My Little Rock cottage & Adopting the Country Life Again

Corporate Chair Massage
-Cuz they're the ones who need it! and I'm raising money for my book tour!

CARE's Halloweenie Fundraiser

co-hosting and executing a successful Halloween party to raise money for Central Arkansas Rescue Efforts for Animals (like Patience, in the above pic). The John Burnett band played and Big Daddy's Dogs served up some tasty treats!

That's all I've got for now, but I promise to be sharing more soon!

Love ya'll lots!


p.s. If you want chair massage for your office, please give me a shout!

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