Need Something to Get You In the Valentine's Spirit?

Nothing says love like chocolate. Did I say that? Ok, so I LOVE chocolate. It's no secret. BUT what if chocolate had the added bonus of adding in spice to your love life? (No, I'm not talking edible bedroom paraphernalia--get your head out of the gutter). I'm talking LIBIDO BOOSTING properties.

That's right. I have a recipe that will not only serve as a delicious dessert that is worthy of a Valentine's finale, but will also help you get in the mood. It's easy (no pun intended) and so good for you that guilt doesn't factor in!

*Check out the hilarious and goofy segment of this recipe from KATV's Saturday Daybreak. I got the green light to use the word libido which was well capitalized on by Renee Shapiro. (Just click to play)

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Food allergic foodies--don't despair! This recipe is refined sugar, corn, soy, dairy and gluten free! Before I share with you the secret ingredients, I need to ask you to put your preconceived notions to rest and open your mind a minute. I have served this to unsuspecting patrons at Williams Sonoma after a cooking class, and they had no idea! Would I lie to you? (I'll admit, some green things are a little hard to palate--like spirulina, but this is not the case).

Drumroll please.......


Maca is a vegetable that has a flavor profile similar to malt. It has MANY health benefits (as superfoods do), but we're just worried about the one for our upcoming holiday. It can be added to hot chocolate, and used in an assortment of ways. My favorite always includes adding it to chocolate (surprise, surprise).


I know I am a broken record on this one. You DON'T have to use cacao, regular ole cocoa will due. BUT you'll be missing out on some good minerals found in the good stuff (like magnesium that helps you relax).

Honey/Maple Syrup/Agave Nectar

I include all three of these natural sweeteners as options for making this recipe. Why? Some people are on special diets that prohibit one or the other, but they all are more gentle on our bodies than the chemical-ized versions of sweeteners available in stores today. Raw is almost always best because it means that it hasn't been bastardized into something God didn't intend for it to be (at least in this girl's opinion).

Health benefits:

    Maple Syrup--Vitamins and minerals
    Agave Nectar--low glycemic

The BIGGEST secret ingredient

I know what you're thinking. Um..ewww. Trust me. Once this delicious fruit gets whipped in with the other ingredients, it serves as a creamy and silky base for all those great flavors! What's better than a no-bake, no fuss mousse?

The only thing that gets tricky here is determining whether or not your avocados are ripe enough to be made into this dish. I have a cheat sheet and a tip for you.  

Often times even this guide gets a little difficult to decipher. You know that little button at the top that comes off easily? I cheat in the grocery store and pick that thing off to see if it is green. If it's green, it's good. If it's dark, you'll probably have some bad spots. I just want to save you a little hassle, if you feel brave enough to fondle your produce in Kroger.

***Don't forget to add the Maca! 1/2 tsp to start, and more if you like the flavor!

I hope your Valentine's is sassy and delicious!

Xoxo- Julianne

p.s. I discovered an awesome way to get hard to find healthy ingredients easily and at a hugely reduced cost!!! Check out ThriveMarket.com  You'll thank me later :)

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