7 Reasons & Ways to Eat Berries

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It's Berry Season in Arkansas!


As if you didn't need any more encouragement to enjoy some of nature's delicious pleasures, I've got seven more reasons why and how you should eat more berries.

7 Reasons & Ways to Eat Berries --exclusively on


#1 High in Vitamin C
You don't need to be a nutrition nut to know that Vitamin C is good for you.  Berries are an easy and delicious way to add more fruit to your diet by the handful.

#2 High in Fiber
Most of the time when we think about fiber, we think about those gross powders you put in water and pretend it tastes good.  Not only are those powders usually made from wheat (making what is supposed to be good for you actually not so good because of the gluten).  What could be cooler than eating a shortcake with berries and cream and getting a LOAD of fiber?  This recipe is from Indulge and Heal (my latest in cookbook acquisitions).  Between the coconut flour and berries, you'll have the fiber part covered AND you won’t have to pretend that it’s delicious.




*On a side note, this is a pretty tasty fiber powder made from ORGANIC blueberry skins--YUM!

#3 Antioxidants—flavonoids…good for your brain.
You can toss a few on your salad, or dress it up with with a vinaigrette.  While I prefer to make my own (2 tsp. berry jam + 1/2 tsp. balsamic vinegar + 3 TBSP olive oil), you can pick up some pre-made yumminess from Bragg’s.

#4 Fights Cancer,
Anthocyanins; the blue hue compound found in blueberries, block tumor growth according to a University of Illinois study.  Shoot for a 1/2 cup day AND since leafy greens are good at the fighting the good fight, too, why not toss them ON your salad (or visit Little Rock's  ZaZa's for their signature salad covered in berry goodness)?

#5 Prevents UTI’s like cranberries
(Rutgers University study) Try a smoothie with blueberries!  Using the whole fruit (as opposed to the juice) gives you all the benefits without the sugar rush and crash.

I like mine with coconut milk, blueberries, and mango!

#6  Good for your skin! 
My favorite blueberry lemon scones are paleo (no gluten, sugar, or dairy!) and full of healthy fats via almond flour.  Say hello to glowy, healthy skin!  Visit www.katv.com for this exclusive recipe!  It's one of my favorites (and received a thumbs up from Todd Yukobian--one of my toughest critics!). 

#7 They’re in Season!
Eating Seasonally means more nutrient density.  Since berry season coincides with warmer temperatures, what better way to enjoy them than in a popsicle!  Just blend and freeze in a BPA free mold (but if you need more ideas, check out my popsicle recipeshere).


Where's a gal or gent in Central Arkansas able to find HEALTHY non-chemicalized berries fresh off the bush?  Try BoBrook Farms in Roland, Arkansas.  They are right past Pinnacle Mountain State Park and their berries receive lots of TLC and are only treated with Neem oil, keeping them off the dirty dozen list.  If you're too busy to pick them fresh, you can catch them at the Arkansas River Market Farmer's Market on Saturdays! 

Until next time--Julianne
p.s. Sending you love and skeeter free warm summer fun!




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