Something about summer screams movie season!

Little Rock has awesome events like Movies in the Park and blockbusters are hitting theaters everywhere. So, how does someone with a corn allergy (like me) not feel left out while everyone crunches their popcorn? With an amazing popped grain that tastes just like it, but in miniature form. Meet sorghum (though my farmer dad calls it milo).

This grain is GLUTEN FREE and is found in so many gluten-free products like beer and delicious Dempsey Bakery treats. Though its prevalence can be seen in many an ingredient list, it can be a bit tricky to track down the actual whole grain itself.

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Now I normally don't like to promote one brand over another of equal value, but this is the brand of popping sorghum I have tried.  I like that it is CERTIFIED gluten free, and that it is also ORGANIC! Unfortunately for us Little Rockians, no place local sells popping sorghum (yet), so I purchased my MiniPops via the amazing internet.

You can also buy it pre-popped and packaged, but where's the fun in that? Also, you get way less bang for your buck.

Speaking of pre-popped and packaged sorghum, its worth noting how I discovered popped sorghum in the first place.  I am a fan of saving money and hard to find ingredients. This leaves me roaming the aisles of local markets like Indian Grocers. Enter in the Jowar discovery. After consulting the google gods via smart phone, I learned that it is actually popped sorghum! Jowar is a common snack food in Asia, just like popcorn in the U.S. **Note: I did NOT buy it, because of sketchy labeling. It wasn't worth the risk, though I appreciate the inspiration!

How to make it at home...

You a quite a few options, but first things are first.
ALWAYS pre-soak your grains!!!!
Grains can have debris and naturally do have chemicals to interfere with nutrient absorption. Soaking can decrease this.

“Untreated phytic acid can combine with calcium, magnesium, copper, iron and especially zinc in the intestinal tract and block their absorption. This is why a diet high in unfermented whole grains may lead to serious mineral deficiencies and bone loss.”

HOWEVER, in this specific case of popping sorghum, it helps to open the grain up pre-popping so you have less unpopped sorghum and more fluffy stuff.  (Money saver!)

When I ordered my popping sorghum, it arrived with great instructions for how to properly pop through every method--with or without oil, stovetop, microwave, and just about every kind of popcorn maker. *See below--mine are obviously used and a little less for wear.

If you use a fancy popcorn maker like mine (thanks to turning 30 and some great friends who bestowed one upon me, I have the pleasure of popping movie theater style), be sure to use TWICE the recommended amount of sorghum as it would recommend for corn. The seeds are tiny and won't pop properly otherwise (a fact I learned via trial and error).
PLEASE always use a healthy oil when cooking. There is so much research out there about bad fats and oils that have been played up to be "healthy" over the years that I cringe. Coconut oil is a safe oil (ehem, it's real and not manufactured) and is suited for cooking at high temps.

In the microwave...
well, I would suggest you don't use a microwave. It ruins the taste and kills vitamins and nutrients inside the food (all food).
I hope ya'll are able to enjoy some popped sorghum at your next movie outing! I'll be enjoying mine this Wednesday at Movies in the Park--It's Harry Potter! Til next time- Happy, Healthy Eating!
Wanna take a healthy, allergen free cooking class?
I'm gearing up to fill my calendar (pre-baby arrival) with cooking classes right here in Little Rock. While I've got my ideas, I wanna know what some of yours are! Shoot me a line and an idea and we'll see if we can make it happen!

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