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The First Step Is the Hardest

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ESPECIALLY If You Know What You're Protecting Is Worth It

So I dropped the bomb that I suck at boundaries. Its not breaking news. But how I'm working on them (if you struggle with it too) maybe useful.

A boundary, like a wall, is meant to protect something from outside manipulation or destruction.

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News from Julianne :)

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This is my inaugural newsletter! Yay! From now on, it is my goal to provide you with useful information to help you be happier and healthier. Your health, happiness, and well-being are my commitment to you as the  health & nutrition counselor & massage therapist in your life.

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April Newsletter from Julianne

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April's newsletter is dedicated to loving ourselves: first with food by adding in a powerhouse superfood & secondly by appreciating our bodies no matter their shape or size.  It has been inspired by the health & wellness goals of a close friend and client-you know who you are :)

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"Death ends a life, not a relationship." - Mitch Albom

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 Last week, I awoke to facebook message from a friend that made my day so much more meaningful and happier.  Not only was it good news about the positive things happening in her life along with an open invitation to visit her in her new house equipped with a hot tub, but also words of encouragement to help me with the tough time I’ve been having in my personal life lately.  Just like that, we go months without talking and then we sync up and spill our guts and our happiness to each other-something we’ve repeated off and on ever since she moved away.

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to be determined

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"Difficulties are meant to rouse, not discourage. The human spirit is to grow through conflict."
-William Ellery Channing, theologian (1780-1842)

Something terrible and miraculous happened. My husband was driving to training for his new job and an 18-wheeler slid on ice causing him to pinball between guard rails on a bridge. He safely ended up in a median and was able to get out of the car safely but spent hours waiting for rescue in below freezing temps.  My normal response to something like this would be to FREAK OUT! Seriously, he was in a borrowed car, going to miss his first day of work at his new job (which he faced a lot of competition to get), and not to mention that the accident could have very well been fatal.

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The "F" word

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Do you drop the "F" word?

Just as you've settled into your seat, placed your napkin in your lap, and begun to take a sip of your drink, your waiter sashays to your table and asks to take your order.  "I have food allergies."


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Healthy Tricks & Treats!

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#5 Tricks & Treats for a Happy Halloween

No. 1
Trade candy for coins.
I don't know a kid out there who wouldn't prefer a little extra $ instead of their least favorite candy. I picked up this handy little tip from a mom of a kid with food allergies. She says that her son gladly turns in his toxic treats for some cold hard cash.

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The Truth about BACON!

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There are few things more American than football, bacon and Superbowl Sunday.  But with the NFL catching tons of flack on the unhealthiness of the sport and the ever delicious debate over bacon, I can ease your worried mind at least about one thing in time for the big game.

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