ESPECIALLY If You Know What You're Protecting Is Worth It

So I dropped the bomb that I suck at boundaries. Its not breaking news. But how I'm working on them (if you struggle with it too) maybe useful.

A boundary, like a wall, is meant to protect something from outside manipulation or destruction.

So the short story made long of this is that Step #1 at establishing boundaries is to realize what you are protecting (like yourself and your dreams) and then use that as fuel for saying one of the hardest things ever-NO. Because in saying no to one thing, we are actually saying yes to what we are actually here to do.

Sounds easy enough, but I know from personal experience that its way easier said than done.  

To keep myself motivated and on track, I'm spending the weekend with some magazines, scissors, and a poster board to create a vision board of what it is I want in life. I'm not talking a fancy house or pretty clothes (though those aren't bad ideas). I'm talking big picture: what will be my legacy and what will make me happy and smile on my death bed.  Wanna make one? Here's a great tutorial.

In the meantime, I have lots of stuff happening in everyday life (like delicious food discoveries) that might rock your socks off and I plan on sharing it with you VERY soon.

Sending you lots of love!


Julianne Bitely, Holistic Health & Nutrition

p.s. I co-taught my first online class this week and it was AMAZING! Feel free to have a listen and let me know what YOU think :) I love hearing your thoughts, comments and suggestions and ya'll are my greatest teachers! http://mindbodybusiness.weebly.com/registration.html

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